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Ready to Rumble

Maybe the rivalry between the Dodgers/Giants really resides in the hearts and minds of its NorCal populace, but we’ll take this East Coast version of the Red Sox/Yankees dichotomy any day.

The annual NorCal/SoCal battle royale kicks off today, and I’m hoping the Gigantes can prove that this is the year that we wrestle the NL West title from the McCourt Imploders, um, Dodgers.  Just sayin’.

Jam of the Day: “Knives Out” Radiohead


Tonight might

…be the night to check out not one, but two baseball night games on the telly while sippin’ some scotch (on ‘da rocks) and a local pub.  Talk about ‘Yay Area beisboru getting a good start:  Gigantes (6-1) and the A’s (6-2).  Crazy…hope it lasts all the way through the dog days of summer.

Just got to figure out where to watch.



I knoooow it’s only 3 games, but we’re undefeated baby. I’m feelin’ NL West Champs…whoa…maybe a tad premature, but it’s looking good thus far. 

I’m just glad beisboru is back.  Get to saunter to a local bar and catch a game or two, while nursing some Glenlivet and peanuts.  Can’t really have a solitary experience at Cheers, so gonna have to knock on a few doors to get the quiet bar-baseball dichotomy.  I know of one place, and since a buddy moved to Japantown, might have to hit it up.  Then again, there’s a local dive in SF close to my place.  Gonna wait for the first night game after work to do the baseball/scotch slow roll.  With the Gigantes lookin’ good this year, it will be enjoyable, instead of cursing about losing extra-inning games.  Although, that particular extra-inning game wasn’t all that bad. 

Jam for Edgar Renteria: “Welcome to the Jungle” Guns ‘N Roses


No More

My dog has punched his ticket to the Big Doggie Park in the Sky, and my suburban escapades of at least 2 walks in the park have been relegated to none. 

Gonna dive into misty memories with the help of a double-scotch (hold the ice).

In more upbeat news – my cousin pitched an awesome game to start the Giants season in the right direction.  I’m feelin’ at least a wild card with the help of two bats: Huff and De Rosa.  It was a good thing ( a damn good thing) they re-signed Bengie Molina.  Hoping to catch my cousin (Lincecum) pitch at AT&T this year…maybe on Filipino Night like he did last year. 

*Sigh*  Miss that dog.

Jam for Snoop: “Flume” Bon Iver


There’s something…

…to be said about scotch induced late nights, trapped in a billow of smoke, wading for time to not pass.  A photo negative memorialized in sweat and inebriation.  Tabbed for immediate pleasure when needed. An addiction in its own right.  Time to hit it up for another high.  Don’t turn on that light. Let the t.v. drone on in its two-dimensional bubble.  Light another cigarette. Take another break. Need to catch my breath.  Open the door.  The cool breath of a dark morning.  Time passed.