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Slow your roll, son!

I don’t remember multi-posting in a veeery long time, but sometimes when you have the urge, splurge, son!

Still don’t know what I’m gonna write for NaNoWriMo, but I will be sure to provide the appropriate links to my progress. It pretty much goes down to 1,667 words a day, which can be done, but that might mean long nights or sneaking in a chapter or two during work. Nooooo, I wouldn’t do that. Hmmm…kiiiidding.

Possible plots – teen vampires in love; robots from another planet that transform into earthly vehicles; or a novel novel about a teen that believes everyone is fake (no, J.D. Salinger, I wouldn’t do that to you).

Well, that pretty much sums up what I have in stored to write, so yea, I’m screwed. We’ll see what I come up with in the next 48 hours…then, it begins.



Freedom from Freedom

I just wanted to share this article about freeing ourselves from too much information that is provided by the internet. You know, gain some back “free time” to read a book, write, connect…or even breathe in fresh air.

Of course, this will probably only speak to those that don’t have self-control, and yes, I fall under that category.



Different World

Another Halloween “celebration” at work, but definitely, this year’s (understandably) event is more somber and understated than year’s past. No mass scale costumes or elaborate decorations. No charged energy. Just a flat “ehh”. The City feels the same also. No Castro street party. Not many vamps, werewolves, political caricatures, or even a Village People sighting on Muni.

In essence, the world feels different. The mucky film of disgust pervades our evening newscasts, but you don’t even have to wait until 6 o’clock news, because you can check out the latest human indiscretion on your friggin’ phone.

This is definitely becoming a waa-waa sort of post, the type I’d like to avoid. However, Halloweens at work used to be a respite from the daily grind, where you actually felt some mutual kinship with your co-workers as everyone donned silly outfits. Today…I’m one of only a handful that dressed up, and even then, the costume wasn’t elaborate or even creative. Of course, I shouldn’t bitch, considering I am one of the lucky ones (for now) to keep some sort of jobby job. That – I am grateful. If anything, I was just reminiscing.   

As the global recession eases its grip, we’ll see what it leaves in its wake, but I hope by next year, I’ll see a Village People sighting or two.

BTW – I came across a cool little blog, “The Mija Chronicles”.

Jam for Halloween: “Rock Lobster” The B-52s



Yes, I don’t have the ubiqitous iPhone, because I’m waiting for the next big thing. I can’t help it… I want it, but I rarely use my phone as a multimedia hub now.

During this economic hangover, I can’t really justify it. 

In other news, it’s about 3 days till the novel begins…Holla’.

Jam of the Day: “Sabotage” Beastie Boys



Wow…the Bay Bridge fiasco only highlights the fact that you do it right the FIRST time.

Not much to add…no substance (like there ever was), just filler.

BTW – finally…a World Series that won’t put u to sleep. Not hatin’ – just sayin (or playin’). You cravin’?

Wow – I better end this now.

Jam of the Day: “Who the Cap Fit” Bob Marley and the Wailers




…if I were to win the lottery, besides the usual paying off “The Man” mantra, I’d hop on a boat and just let it ride

I’d probably want to check out the world, but keep it on the level, and live locally. No 5-star hotels or posh resorts.  I’d carry just enough clothes for comfort and no undies. Free-flow, baby.

I’d carry an old school Leica 35mm camera and a new school dSLR to take scenic photos and mundane snippets of everyday life from each place I’d stumble upon. 

Think Anthony Bourdain…cigs (i heard he quit, though), drinking at local haunts, and getting to know the peeps.  I’d philosophize about these trips in my head…jot them down from time-to-time in my travel-log. 

I’d swim in the beaches, tickle my toes in dribbling streams, climb hills, and stumble down half-lit streets drunk, knowing full well that this life was made for gods on earth.

Then…I’d wake up…tear up the losing lotto ticket and fall back to sleep to relive it all again.

Jam of the Day: “Leave” Glen Hansard



Still thinking

No plot or roadmap yet for the “30-day novel”. Maybe its best done with scotch and packs of cigs, but to do that for an entire month sounds a bit…normal.  Oh, we’ll see.  Stream of consciousness writing has done well for Yeats…nooo, not comparing, just saying.

Jam of the Day: “Where the Streets Have No Name” U2

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