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Summer Jam

The dog days of summer breed some crazy ass mutt ideas, which recently, involved a contest for the best “mixtape” of summer jams. 12 songs, no more, no less. It needed to evoke the smell of hickory, burnt grilled chicken, crashing waves, and some sort of na-na-na-na-D-O-double G y’all sense of nostalgia.

I’ve discussed the art of the mixtape in previous posts, so you already know, that the opening chord of your first song must have emotional impact, or at the least, make you go, “fuuuuck, I remember that jizzam”, before your id goes on a wistful trot through summers past.

Each summer has its own zeitgeist. One summer could be all about getting shit faced every night, so more than likely, you won’t remember much from that particular season. Others will stick. I’ve had a few to remember fondly, and the summer jam mixtape that followed, more than likely, siphoned heavily from those snippets of time, before coalescing into some visceral soundtrack of sun-drenched memories burnished by the passage of time.

Some songs make you cringe. Some songs…well, they just take you back. You grin inside, and sigh…oh those were the days.

Jam of Summer(s) Past: Candyman “Knocking Boots”