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Dry Run

As previously mentioned from the “Rigedy Rao, Son!” post, I was gonna try something new. Here’s a dry run…

[Play Radiohead’s “Videotape” and then read the following story. I wrote it to match the length of the song (think of it as a music video for your mind), and hopefully, to catch a certain je ne sais quoi of the song.  Of course, this all depends on how fast/slow you read, but I’m sure your mind will adjust.]

Her eyes floated away into the abyss of the screen, as her silhouette, soft in the harsh flickering light, burnished the dying minutes together.  Swathed in the theatre’s darkness, they slipped away from the harsh light of their own worlds.  Side by side in cheap velour seats. No gaze to share. Nothing. He still couldn’t figure his own decision to end this at a matinee showing, which none of them would remember, let alone watch.

A clasped embrace of tightly wound hands was their only phsyical connection. Yet, as if they tapped into the faith of all religions; they believed this was real and true, because if for nothing else, there was nothing else.

He stole furtive glances.  She was lost. She was here. Whispered endearments felt contrived. He found empty solace outside. Alone with her amidst the crackling din of nearby couples, this was real. Reality not so true.

As the movie’s plot  began to unravel, the predictable ending was near. They would sit through the credits. Their hands grasping for hope.

He shifted away. She slid closer. Lyrical dissonance from muffled goodbyes.

“Don’t.” she said.

“Not yet.”

“O.K.” he replied.

He brushed her hair her over eyes to the side, revealing shut eyes, damming the inevitable flow of tears.

“Don’t” he said.

“I know”  she whispered.

He wanted to reach for her hunched soul, who sat shivering in the corner of her heart begging for pain’s release. He didn’t know how. All he had left was a simple rub of her back, as he nudged her head below his chin. This only provoked a small tiny shriek that would haunt him.

The ushers were approaching their aisle for cleanup duty.

“C’mon” he gently pleaded.

“Let’s go.”

“No” she defiantly insisted.

“Hey, they have to clean up for the next show”

She didn’t move.

The sobs had stopped.

Perplexed, he took his forefinger to lift her chin. An angelic smile frozen.

“No” she repeated.

“No?” he asked.





Sometimes lyrics to a song just say enough to convey everything at any given moment. Here’s to my given moment:

“Life is much too short to sit and wonder
Who’s gonna make the next move and will slowly pull you under when you’ve always got something
to prove?

I don’t want to wait a lifetime
Yours or mine, yours or mine
Can’t you see me reaching for the lifeline?

You say that I misheard you but I think you misspoke
I hear you laugh so loudly while I patiently await the joke

I don’t want to wait a lifetime
Yours or mine, yours or mine
Can’t you see me reaching for the lifeline?
The lifeline, the lifeline

It’s a crime with only victims
We’re all laid out in a row
It’s hardest to listen to what we already should know

I could hold out for a lifetime
Yours or mine, yours or mine
Can’t you see me reaching for your lifeline?
The lifeline, your lifeline, the lifeline.”

Jam of the Day: “Lifeline” Ben Harper


Rigedy Rao, Son!

Oh, Urban Dictionary:

1.     rigedy rao

a term used when talking gangster, showing a sign of aggression, adren[a]line, or intimidation. often just blurted out at the spur of the moment.

Sentence: “hell yeah, i’m ready to roll!! rigedy rao son!!”

Well, speakin’ of rigedy rao, the next revolution in internet “knowledge” is here.  Wolfram-Alpha is not a search engine in the traditional sense, a’la Google or Yahoo, but more of a knowledge database that spits out actual info you need, instead of weblinks to, uh, Wikipedia.  Rigedy Rao nephew!

Anyhoo – I’m thinkin’ of tryin’ something new on this lonely island. Using this blog as my Wilson.

When I first started the initial Moist Site back in ’02,  it was a medium for some catharsis during my Blue Period.

Sooo, 7 friggin’ years later, here we go again, but hey, at least it’ll keep this shiznet updated (to a degree).

….aaand, hooow, do you ask, would I tap into the zeitgeist of the blogosphere to create a symbiotic relationship up in this mug.

As I was cranking (turning up the stereo, not the actual inhalation of aforemtioned substance) some Metallica, I’ve hithered to a great way to: (1) update this blog “consistently”; (2) start friggin’ writing; (3) find catharsis; (4) limit my hyperlinking; and (4) …Jameson‘s whisky anyone?

Well, I’ve ranted long enough, sooo, let’s try the new “format” at the jump.

No worries, I’ll still keep the “Jam of the Day”.

Jam of the Day: Videotape” Radiohead

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