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Blog before there was a Blog

What up y’all.  Just peeping out of the covers for my 1,000th attempt to keep this blog consistent.  Props out to the O.G. Kat Keelah on giving me the impetus to hug this sweet-child-o-mine. Believe me, I want to keep my thoughts and political rants current, but with Gee-Dub gone, its sorta hard to have that nagging light beneath my arse to light it up…or in 90’s retro speak (which, by the way, the Nineties always feel like it was yesterday), set it off. H-H-Holla!

Anyways, I came across an article in the NY Times about a band of three brothers from Detroit, “Death“, that basically played punk music even before there was punk music. Now, now, I don’t want to get musicologists up in my mug talking about X band this or Y Band that, buuut, I love the fact that once in awhile, you read something, which makes you go, “hmmm“. 15rubi_600

What struck me was how this band set out to do something that nobody else was doing in their neighborhood, but stuck to their guns, and sought nothing but to express their art for others to share. Even more compelling was that their music was left off the grid, until coincidence (and Google) brought their music out to the light.

Read the article, and even check out their music.

Sooo, here’s hoping that I’m back online with another post “tomorrow“.

If not, hopefully, before 12/12/2012. Just sayin.

Jam of the Day: “Politicians in my Eyes”  Death