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Sucking It

The global economy is sucking it big time, and sooner or later we’re gonna need a Peter North shot of economic stimulus.  Comparisons to the Great Depression are a bit overkill, but holy shiznet Batman, this ain’t your garden variety recession.  Yet, as in the cliched adage, timing is everything, and would you rather have Herbert W. Bush, ahem, G.W. lead us out of this quandary or someone who is poised like Hope?

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Believe that change has come.  Believe the idea of America still exists.  Believe the notion a community organizer can defeat a political machine.  Believe this is real.

Superlatives lack any punch to highlight what President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama’s  election as our country’s 44th President symbolizes.  I still remember walking aimlessly in North Beach during W.’s crackdown on civil liberties in the name of national security, there was a weight of dread sitting heavy over the City.  Then I saw a banner atop City Lights Bookstore depicting the three “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” mantra. Next to the pictures was the statement, “To Dissent is American”.

….eh, the above post was written right after the results of President-Elect Barack Obama’s uplifting win.  Not much to add, since its time to get this economy pumped up, because damn, we’re in dire straits.

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Here we are again: staring atop a precipice of…well, I think you know after eight “glorious” years when the Supremes unilaterally made a choice of who our next president would be.  It would be redundant to go over how a “simple” 5-4 decision created a period in American history of executive power unhinged that was unprecedented in scope and how it released a fissure between Americans that we became identified as colors based on what idealogical leanings we clung to at the time.

No more.

Sure, we are a nation of bits and pieces that make a bigger whole, but in the end, if you travel outside our country, you are identified as an American.  Our passport does not say “Red State” or “Blue State” (although, the color is blue…just sayin.)  I’m holed in my house on a rainy day poring over my ballot, and a rush of wicked nostalgia of waiting in line to cast my ballot for Gore back in 2000 scared the fuck out of me. Yes, you know why.  I was confident that our country wouldn’t pick the dude you pop open a Bud Light with at your barbeque as opposed to the cat that would make you leave your own barbeque, because you couldn’t stand another “Debbie Downer” monologue.

I remember Dan Rather calling Florida for Gore, and then later, seeing how Florida became “red”. WTF. Then came the chads, Ms. “I need less makeup” Harris, and of course, the U.S. Supreme Court.  We were at a precipice then, as we are at a similar precipice now.

Our country is mired in an economic end game, the war rages on, job losses mount daily, states are begging for federal aid, and, and, and….


Let’s get this one right and repair what has been wrought.  If not, we may fall down that precipice and may never find ourselves on top, where we belong.

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