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Hemp Fund Manager

Wow…this is sorta blazin’ on the blogosphere right now, but Andrew Lahde, the hedge-fund manager who quit after posting an 870% gain last year, said “hasta la vista suckas” to his clients in a letter that thanks dumb traders for making him rich and ends with a Peter Tosh toast.

You da’ man, baby.

Jam for Andrew: “Legalize It” Peter Tosh


Audacity to Cope

After a “short” sabbatical, the bitch is back.  I’d link you to my old sites, but just like my 401K, its pretty much disappeared into the ethereal netherworld of dead websites. They were pretty good too.  Really…no, serious.

Well, I’ve decided to kick my procrastination to the curb (for now…well, maybe until tomorrow), and hit up the blogosphere once more.

There’s sooooo much to catch up on, but uh…sorta getting tired…More tomorrow!!!


Jam of Thy Return: “Gagging Order” Radiohead