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Redemption Song

Burma’s military rulers have arrested three of the last remaining leaders of the recent pro-democracy protests which were violently suppressed.  Just putting it out there as to not let their fight for freedom become another international footnote like Rwanda or the other karmic-curdling events this world has let slip through it’s 2 second attention span. 

Quick props to”Fuck those 800 votes from Florida” Gore for sharing the Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless work on highlighting the destructive forces of global warming. 

It’s Saturday morning,  and San Francisco’s Litquake 2007 is coming to a close.   As I was checking out the schedule of events, I noticed Tattooed Buddha: An Evening with Dharma Punk Noah Levine.  Nothing more…i just noticed it.  Cool title though.

Anyways, I want to check out Sean Penn’s film adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s non-fiction book, “Into the Wild”, a story of Christopher McCandless, who grew up in a wealthy suburb of Washington, D.C., Annandale, VA, and died at age 24 in a wilderness area of the state of Alaska. After graduating in 1990 from Emory University, McCandless ceased communicating with his family, gave away his savings of $24,000 to OXFAM and began travelling, later abandoning his car and burning all the money in his wallet.

Ever have those moments, when the world (or life) is going Hulk Hogan (I’m old school) on yo’ ass, and something catches your attention?  You take a deep breathe and feel a prescient burn inside you that lulls you someplace else?  Of course, usually, the more mundane responsibilities of our lives wakes us up, and off we go, ready to do battle against the “Hulkster”.

There is a frightening, but liberating sense of awe I give to individuals that don’t shy away from taking a step outside of the rat race.  Jack KerouacAlexander Supertramp,

shit, even Dora the Explorer, dared to defy the norms of a normal life (o.k., I went too far with including Dora, but I’m just sayin’).

Anyways,  no matter how you spend your Saturday afternoon, if you fall into a tiny lull, I think we can all benefit from a mini-adventure, even if it means writing an entry on a blog that no one reads.  Dora would be proud.

Holla’ if ya’ heard.

Jam for Kindred Spirits: “Redemption Song” Bob Marley


You’ve been served!

Kat Keelah, I got yo’ message, bro.  This one is for you.

Although the mass protests in Burma have fallen from the 2 second attention span of most media outlets, the blogosphere and independent media is keeping an vigilant eye on the situation.

There are hundreds of simple acts of civil disobedience, but what makes the monks’ display of brave defiance against the ruling military junta so striking is the response to deter them.  Karma is real, and the brutal military leadership of Than Shwe has been allowed to run on far too long.

Here’s the conundrum.  I didn’t agree with the unilateral regime change in Iraq, but why do I feel sooo hawkish, and ready to back up any military action on the current regime in Burma???  Hypocritical?  Maybe…but after seeing the pictures of monks brutally murdered being leaked out Burma, I don’t mind the U.S. going “Scarface” on Than Shwe’s State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLOC).

If we all have Karmic bank accounts with every good deed adding a credit, and inversely, every bad one deducted from it, the SLOC is running on one huge U.S. deficit-like karmic account.

Karma is real and maybe the peeps in charge won’t get theirs in this lifetime, but bitch, the SLOC better hope that there’s a 7-11 in hell, ’cause they’re gonna need some Slurpees to stay cool.

Jam for SLOC: “Instant Karma”  John Lennon

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